Two year MEDICAL 2022 Regular Classroom Course

Vidyamandir Classes (VMC), a name synonymous with IITJEE and other engineering entrance preparation in our country..a name that has generated faith among millions of parents..a name that has built the dreams of millions of engineering aspirants. VMC adopts the dream of their students and works jointly towards converting that mere dream into reality. We also believe in imbibing strong values in each of our student that stays with them throughout their life.

VMC now offers the same advantage to all medical aspirants also. The philosophy with which we are working with our engineering aspirants, we are now opening gates for all students who have a dream of becoming a medical practitioner, we want to help them in fulfilling their dreams and help in building a robust healthcare system in our country.

VMC’s offering for Medical Preparations is a result of a lot of careful research about the needs of medical aspirants. The course structure has been planned and designed in such a way that can be of great help to students in building their dream. VMC took thi s s tep al so due to cons tant encouragement and advises from the hundreds of parent that “VMC must do something for students preparing for medical entrance examinations (NEET & AIIMS)”.

So, after thorough introspection we have finally decided to take the challenge and are now committed towards working along with the students to make them the best doctors & medical practitioners of our country. You can completely rely on VMC for NEET & AIIMS preparation...

Students will get thorough knowledge of Physics, Chemistry and Biology for School Board Exams as well as for Medical Entrance Exams.

Students will get 800 hours of classroom teaching in two years.

Two years of arduous preparation boils down to doing well on that all important day of the IITJEE exam. The very nature of this exam instils a lot of pressure in students and hence it is very important to build the right examination hall temperament so that students can tackle pressure, surprises and create dynamic exam-management strategies quickly. Hence testing, assessment and frequent mock examinations form the core of VMC's pedagogy.

Class Tests are conducted regularly in the class to assess the understanding of the topics by the students. Many of these would be in the form of Surprise Quizzes, so that students are forced to be regular in their preparation.

The Test Series, held at regular intervals, simulate the pattern and timing of the actual IITJEE and are held at multiple Test Centres providing a real Exam-like experience to the students. These are national level tests taken by our students across India and the ranks achieved in these test are good indicators of what ranks can be expected in the IITJEE.

Students are given extensive practice on all possible question formats. These include MCQs, assertion-reasoning, comprehension based, match the column and other innovative question formats.

The most important aspect of testing process is through analysis of performance and benchmarking with the best performers. VMC's Analytics and Reporting engine provides very high level of analytics, benchmarking reports and even diagnostics after each test. It gives a snap-shot of the strength and weakness in the various subjects and topics, over a period of time. Moreover, personalized and advanced reports like Test Analysis Reports help a student evaluate the various factors which impact his/her performance. They help the students to know where they stand and the mistakes they have made as compared to other students of the same level.

Below is a small preview of the various reports, benchmarking and analysis our VMC Students get.